LTI Translation Academy, Opening Ceremony of the 7th Class of the Regular Course
   The opening ceremony of the 7th Regular Course was held at the Literature Translation Institute of Korea’s auditorium on Monday September 1, 2014 at 2 pm. ▲ President Seong-kon Kim delivering the welcome address    President Seong-kon Kim delivered a humorous and insightful welcome address. Then, it was the turn of the faculty members to be introduced. Next, a brief report on the selection procedure of the students, as well as an introduction of the course was delivered.    The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) was established in 2008 to nurture literary translators who would introduce Korean literature and culture to the world. LTI Korea runs four kinds of literary translation courses at its Translation Academy: Regular, Special, Advanced and Translation Atelier. ▲ Group photograph of the faculty and students    79 applications were received for the 5 language groups of the Regular Course this year. 27 candidates were finally admitted to the course, including 16 scholarship students. The final list of students is as follows: - English (9 Students): Carrie Middleditch, Reetika Dutta, Timothy Holm, Kyu Hyung Hwang, Sunoc Bahk, Solhee Park, Kyungjin Lee, Bo-ra Lee, Dongshik Jin- French (4 Students): Eric Philippe Saison, Tiffany Lavy, Sandrine Tchoupou Tatsabong, Taeyoung Kim- German (4 Students): Benedikt Pleyer, Marion Sofia Wambold, Young-Eun Cho, Martin Weiser- Spanish (5 Students): Daniel Rodriguez Cornejo, Ines Miranda De Dios, Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez, Seungjoo Lee, Youngkyun Choi- Russian (5 Students): Anna Dudinova, Daria Nesterova, Margarita Bakashova, Jung-Hee Yoo, Jae Kyu Lee    After the opening ceremony, separate orientations were held by language groups where the faculty and the students greeted each other and discussed class details. Though everybody was meeting for the first time, the atmosphere was congenial because they all translated Korean literature into the same language. ▲ Orientation of the English language group    Anybody who is fluent in Korean as well as the target language and is interested in translating Korean literature can apply for LTI Korea’s Regular Course. The application period starts in April every year.     The Translation Academy students are highly proficient in Korean since the candidates are selected after review of sample translations, document review and interview. Also, most of the classes are held in Korean and the students have to be able to understand the Korean text and translate it into the target language.    The Regular Course program is divided into 2 semesters: an autumn semester that runs from September to December, and a spring semester that runs from March to June. Classes are held for a total of 15 hours per week including a Translation Class, Korean Literature Class, Korean Culture Class and Korean Language Class. Authors of texts being translated in a semester are invited to meet with students to discuss the text in depth and to answer the students’ questions. Apart from the classes, many literary events are held such as Literary Tours where the students accompany authors to places that form the backdrop of a story.
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김남조 (Kim Nam-jo)
Kim Nam-Jo
Kim Nancho
Ким Нам Чжо
Kim Nam-jo
Nam-jo Kim
KIM, Namjo
KIM, Namjo
KIM Namjo

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