LTI Korea attends BCLT translation workshop
Sponsored jointly by LTI Korea, the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) and the Writers' Centre Norwich, a translation workshop for Korean literature was organized from July 26 to August 1 as part of the International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School at the University of East Anglia. This was the first time that a translation for Korean literature was organized at the Summer School.     ▲  Orientation   Students from LTI Korea’s Translation Academy who were selected to attend the Summer School participated in translation sessions twice a day from 11am–1pm and 3:30pm–5pm. They also participated in creative writing sessions and a translation theory classes, which were common for all language groups.   Translator Deborah Smith and Daniel Hahn, British writer, translator, and current chair of the Society of Authors, conducted the translation workshop for Korean literature. The attendees—4 graduates from LTI Korea’s Translation Academy and a Masters student from SOAS—each translated sentences from writer Han Kang’s short story “Europa” and discussed the merits and demerits of one another’s translations, trying to arrive at a natural yet faithful translation. Han was this year’s writer-in-residence at the Writers' Centre Norwich and attended the translation sessions as well. She commented on the translations and helped the students gain a deeper understanding of the text.     ▲  The translation session   On July 31, the last day of the workshop, students from all the language groups read from their translations and gave presentations at the Dragon Hall in University of East Anglia. A farewell reception was held at the end for all the writers, teachers and students from all language groups.     ▲  The participants reading from their translations: (From the left) Sophie Bowan, Slin Jung, Roxanne Edmunds, Hyo-jeong Lee, Victoria Caudle   The Summer School proved to be a significant opportunity to help graduates of the Translation Academy to develop their skills as well as to discover new promising translators. LTI Korea is examining ways to turn this workshop into an annual event in collaboration with BCLT, and to organize similar workshops for the other language groups at the Academy.   ▲  Workshop Dinner with Writer Han Kang(Right), Translator Brother Anthony, and Professor Kim Jeong-hee(from the Left)
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LTI Korea Attends the 2015 Tokyo International Book Fair
LTI Korea participated at the 2015 Tokyo International Book Fair from July 1 to 4, together with writers Kang Young-sook and Kim Un-su.   ▲   View of the book fair (above) & LTI Korea’s booth (below) On June 30, a day before the fair was set to open, writer Kim Un-su gave a lecture on the topic “Why I Write” at Gakushuin University. The writer spoke in an avuncular fashion, starting with why he wrote fiction, and touched upon several points, including identity and ego, and generated great interest among the students.   ▲      Kim Un-su at Gakushuin University On July 1, writer Kang Young-sook met with Korean language students at Waseda University. She said that more and more works of Korean literature were being translated into Japanese and opportunities for both Japanese and Korean people to read each other’s country’s works were increasing. She said that communication was crucial, and that it could should be happen not only through literature but also through other media. Kang’s novel Rina has been translated and published in Japan, and her novel Writing Club is set to be published in 2016 with the support of LTI Korea.   ▲     Kang Young-sook at Waseda University On July 2, Kim Un-su and Oh Sun-young, the translator of his novel The Planners, attended a meet & greet event at Junkudo Bookstore. Many Japanese readers had registered for the event and the writer regaled them with funny episodes based on his experience of writing the book. The translator and editor shared the problems they had to deal with in the process of translating and editing the Japanese version of the book, giving the readers a taste of the charm and complications of literary translation.           ▲      Kim Un-su at the Junkudo Bookstore   ▲      Book signing Also on July 2, Kang held a discussion with her long-time friend, the Japanese writer Kyōko Nakajima, a winner of the Naoki Prize, at the Korean Cultural Center. The theme of their discussion was “Times of Anxiety: Family, Friend, and Family.” The details of their discussion is set to be published in the literary journal Subaru (すばる) in September.   ▲      The writers at the Korean Cultural Center On July 4, Kang and Kim shared a conversation with Japanese writer Kei Nakazawa at Hosei University about Korean and Japanese literature. Thanks to the smooth moderation by Nakazawa, the three writers managed to cover a lot of ground in a short span of time, including their favorite authors, and the relationship between literary works and society.           ▲      Kei Nakazawa (right) and the two Korean writers   ▲     Book signing The Tokyo International Book Fair is the biggest international book fair held in Japan, the world’s second biggest publishing market. This year, the fair had 470 exhibition booths, and nearly 70,000 visitors. Japanese readers flocked to LTI Korea’s booth that was displaying around 50 Japanese translations of Korean books.  
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Translation Academy Holds Graduation Ceremony for Regular Course
The graduation ceremony for the 7th batch of the Regular Course was held on June 23. ▲President Kim Seong-kon delivering the congratulatory address The ceremony kicked off with a congratulatory address delivered by President Kim Seong-kon, followed by a progress report, a congratulatory address delivered by Spanish Prof. Suny Yoon, a valedictory speech delivered by Spanish section student Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez, an award ceremony for outstanding students, and the presentation of certificates. ▲Prof. Suny Yoon delivering the congratulatory address▲Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez delivering the valedictory speech This year the students were asked to submit essays related to the translation and promotion of Korean literature. Eric Philippe Saison from the French section and Marion Sofia Wambold from the German section, whose essays were adjudged to be the best, presented their essays in front of the audience. As a fitting finale to the day’s events, Carrie Middleditch from the English section and Lucie Angheben, a graduate of the 5th batch of the Regular Course, gave a stirring rendition of traditional Korean music on the janggu. ▲Eric Philippe Saison presenting his essay report▲Marion Sofia Wambold presenting her essay report▲Carrie Middleditch and Lucie Angheben performing on the janggu Classes for the 7th batch of the Regular Course were held from September 2014 to June 2015, and 25 students graduated after successfully completing the course. List of Graduates: English: Carrie Middleditch, Kyu Hyung Hwang, Reetika Dutta, Timothy Holm, Solhee Park, Kyungjin Lee, Bo-ra Lee, Dongshik JinFrench: Eric Philippe Saison, Sandrine Tchoupou Tatsabong, Tiffany LavyGerman: Benedikt Pleyer, Marion Sofia Wambold, Young-Eun Cho, Martin WeiserSpanish: Daniel Rodriguez Cornejo, Ines Miranda De Dios, Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez, Seungjoo Lee, Youngkyun ChoiRussian: Anna Dudinova, Daria Nesterova, Margarita Bakashova, Jung-hee Yoo, Jae Kyu Lee Winners of the Outstanding Student Award:Kyu Hyung Hwang(English), Eric Philippe Saison(French), Young-Eun Cho(German), Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez (Spanish), Daria Nesterova(Russian) ▲Kyu Hyung Hwang, winner of the Outstanding Student Award (English)▲Eric Philippe Saison, winner of the Outstanding Student Award (French)▲Young-Eun Cho, winner of the Outstanding Student Award (German)▲Irma Zyanya Gil Yánez, winner of the Outstanding Student Award (Spanish)▲Daria Nesterova, winner of the Outstanding Student Award (Russian) The students of the 7th batch of the Regular Course attended classes related to literary translation, Korean literature and Korean culture, and even had the chance to meet with the author of the work they were translating in class and take part in a translation workshop with him/her. The Academy also arranged literary excursions for the students where they travelled with a writer to the place that served as the background or inspiration for the writer’s story, as well as cultural experience field trips. These extracurricular activities helped the students gain a rounded understanding of Korean culture and sentiments thereby deepening their understanding of Korean literature and helping them grow as translators. The Regular Course, which was run as a one-year program until now, has been expanded into a two-year program starting with the next academic session. 13 students among the graduates of the 7th batch have successfully advanced to the 2nd year and will rejoin the Academy in the winter semester starting in September. ▲Students and professors of the 7th batch of the Regular Course Koreans and foreigners interested in translating Korean literature and fluent in the target language can apply to the Regular Course. Three foreigners and three Koreans are selected from among the applicants who successfully pass the document screening, written exam and interview. Foreign applicants are offered round trip airfare, a monthly stipend of 1,600,000 Korean Won, and health insurance. 
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신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다

Un désir de littérature coréenne

[French]Un désir de littérature coréenne
Author JEONG Myeong-kyo Translator LEE Hyon-hee
Original Title  문학이라는 것의 욕망 [Munhagiraneun geosui y..
Publisher Decrescenzo éditeurs

Korean Books