LTI Korea holds literary event in Russia
On the 29th November, under the auspices of increasing cultural exchange between Russia and Korea, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Cho Yoonsun) and LTI Korea (President Kim Seong-kon) held an event to mark the publication of the tenth volume in the Korean Pre-Modern Literature Series, at the Saint Petersburg International Friendship Society. Back in 2007, LTI Korea signed a cooperation agreement with Saint Petersburg based publishers Hyperion for work on the first stage of a Korean Pre-Modern Literature Series, whereby works of pre-modern Korean literature published in Russia during the former Soviet period are edited and republished. With the publication of the tenth book in the series, nineteenth-century Korean novel Leisurely Talk at the Inn,’ in November this year, the first-stage publications were completed and so a publication event was held to mark this important occasion. ▲ Publication event for the first set of ten books in the Korean Pre-Modern Literature Series   Arranged by the International Friendship Society, the publication event was attended by around sixty people including, head of Hyperion Publishing Sergey Smolyakov and professor of Korean Studies Anastasia Guryeva who edited the translations for re-publication, as well as local journalists, publishers, translators and readers. At the event interviews were carried out with local journalists and publishers on subjects such as introducing pre-modern Korean works to readers in Russia, and a cooperation agreement was signed for the second stage of the Korean Pre-Modern Literature Series. ▲ Signing of a cooperation agreement for the second set of books in the Korean Pre-Modern Literature Series   On December 1st and 2nd Korean literature events were held with novelist Oh Jung-hee and poet Kim Seung Hee to mark the publication in November of a Korean literature special edition of Russian literary journal Inostrannaya Literatura. Held in the central auditorium at the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University, the event on the 1st December included the prize-giving ceremony for the Russia Korean Literature Essay Competition. Irina Kasatkina, head of Korean Studies at the institute, was MC for the evening and novelist Oh Jung-hee and poet Kim Seung Hee read out their works included in the special edition of Inostrannaya Literatura as well as each giving a brief talk about their literary worlds. ▲ Korean literature event at Moscow State University (novelist Oh Jung-hee)   ▲ Korean literature event at Moscow State University (poet Kim Seung Hee)     During the relaxed question and answer session which followed the readings, the audience members were able to experience the particularities and peculiarities of Korean literature and share with the authors a love of interesting literature. At the Russia Korean Literature Essay Contest prize-giving ceremony, which marked the end of the event, the two writers handed out the certificates and prizes to the winning entrants. ▲ Question and answer session with students attending the Korean literature event at Moscow State University   The event on the 2nd December was held in the Literature Café on the second floor of the Moscow International Book Fair Nonfiction Exhibition Hall. On this day, too, works by Oh Jung-hee and Kim Seung Hee included in the special journal edition were read out by the writers. Towards the end of the event there was discussion between the audience and writers about the content of their works, and the event ended with the authors signing their books and translated works. ▲ Scene at the Moscow International Book Fair Nonfiction Exhibition Hall   By holding Korean pre-modern and modern literature events in the two cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow it was possible to experience the profound interest readers have there for Korean literature. Hopefully in the future Russian readers will be able to experience even more Korean literature in even more meaningful ways.
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LTI Korea Holds Overseas Translation Workshop in Russia
On the 25th and 29th of November a Korean literature translation workshop was held at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia with support from LTI Korea (President Kim Seong-kon). This was the second such workshop to be held in Russia, following a successful workshop which took place at Moscow State University in 2015.   The work chosen for translation this year was Ha Seong-nan’s short story ‘Afternoon, Cut Through.’ Around ten students participated in the workshop, translating the story over three months, working individually and meeting for group discussion under the supervision of professors Anastasia Guryeva and Choi Inna from the Korean Studies Department at Saint Petersburg State University. Through the two-day workshop the participating students were able to converse with the writer while finishing off their translations, and hold a reading of their work to present their efforts to a large audience.    ▲ Conversing with the writer   In a ‘meet the writer’ session on the first day of the workshop Ha Seong-nan gave a special talk entitled ‘Look, shake, move, look again,’ enabling the participating students to gain a deeper insight into her work. Through this session not only were the students able to understand the writer and story more deeply, they also shared with the writer the impressions they had of her work in the process of reading and translating, and got to ask questions in order to improve their translations.   ▲ A special talk by writer Ha Seong-nan   ▲ Literary reading   ▲ Question and answer session with the audience   On the second day of the workshop the participating students shared their translations at a literary reading event. With around sixty graduate and undergraduate students from Saint Petersburg State University in attendance, Ha Seong-nan read a passage from ‘Afternoon, Cut Through’ in Korean before three of the students got up to recite their own translations in Russian, marking the grand finale of the workshop.   ▲ Audience members queuing up to have books signed by the author after the reading   At this translation workshop and reading event it was evident that students in Russia have a sustained interest and enthusiasm for Korean literature. Hopefully the workshop will have inspired students to become outstanding translators and act as the driving force for developing the quality and volume of Korean literature available in Russian translation.
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LTI Korea Translation Academy completion ceremony (Special Course)
At 7pm on the 15th December 2016, a completion ceremony was held for the 8th (second-year) and 9th (first-year) cohorts of the Special Course at the LTI Korea Translation Academy.   In the 9th cohort (first-year) of the Special Course 42 students from seven languages completed (7 English, 7 French, 2 German, 7 Spanish, 4 Russian, 6 Chinese, 9 Japanese), and in the 8th cohort (second-year) 23 students from seven languages completed (6 English, 2 French, 3 German, 2 Spanish, 4 Russian, 3 Chinese, 3 Japanese), meaning that in total 65 students completed the year-long course and received certificates.    ▲ The 9th cohort (first-year) of the Special Course with their translation teachers   ▲ The 8th cohort (second-year) of the Special Course with their translation teachers   ▲ LTI Korea President Kim Seong-kon giving a congratulatory address   The ceremony began with some opening words from Ko Young-il, head of the LTI publishing division, and a congratulatory address by LTI Korea President Kim Seong-kon, before going on to a report on the operation of the Special Course during the past year. Following this was a congratulatory speech by one of the professors teaching on the course and a speech by a representative of the students completing the course. Finally, prizes were awarded to outstanding students from each language group and certificates were given to the completing students.   ▲ Professor Steven D. Capener (English section) giving a congratulatory address   Professor Steven D. Capener, who teaches in the English section of the Translation Academy Special Course, praised the students for their great efforts while completing the course, shared some of his thoughts on what makes a good translation, and encouraged the completing students to become active translators of Korean literature.   ▲ Elena Kim (Russian section) in the 8th cohort (second-year) giving a speech on behalf of her fellow students   In her speech representing the completing students, Elena Kim, a student in the Russian section, said ‘Although it might be a difficult task, time spent translating literature is precious “me time,”’ and shared her idea that ‘Classes at the Translation Academy are like a nutritional supplement. Not taking the class doesn’t necessarily affect your life, but if you do take one of the courses you can feel yourself getting stronger and more devoted,’ a thought which many of her fellow students seemed to share.   ▲ An Outstanding Student prizewinner from the Special Course 9th cohort (first-year)   ▲ An Outstanding Student prizewinner from the Special Course 8th cohort (second-year)   By attending Translation Academy Special Course over the past year those completing the course will not only have gained translation skills, but also nurtured a deeper understanding of Korean writers and their works, and found greater confidence in their abilities. It is hoped that these completing students will go on to take an active part in the translation and sharing of Korean literature across the world.
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Korean Literature events held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
On the occasion of the prize giving ceremony for the 11th Vietnam Korean Literature Essay Competition, the Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourism (Minister Cho Yoonsun) and LTI Korea (President Kim Seong-kon) held Korean literature events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.   The first Korean literature event, held at 9:30am on the 23rd November in a room on the 2nd floor or building H in the University of Social Science and Humanities, Vietnam National University Hanoi, had around 100 people in attendance including students and professors of the university and translators of Korean into Vietnamese. The event began with a talk given by Hwang Sun-mi on her literary works and the hidden stories in The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly. The translator of this work into Vietnamese, Professor Nguyen Thi Thu Van (Department of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University, Hanoi), and veteran translator of Korean literature into Vietnamese, Le Dang Hoan, also participated, making the event even more meaningful. Author Hwang Sun-mi responded to the clear enthusiasm of the students, who concentrated and participated actively in the Korean literature talk, question-and-answer session and quiz game, with her sincere lecture and earnest answers to questions from the audience.   ▲ A full house during the Korean literature event in Vietnam National University, Hanoi   ▲ Author Hwang Sun-mi giving a talk on Korean Literature during the event at Vietnam National University, Hanoi   ▲ Korean Studies students at Vietnam National University, Hanoi, welcomed Hwang Sun-mi with handmade signs   At 9:30am the next day another Korean literature event was held at The Coffee House in the Hoan Kiem area of Hanoi, jointly hosted by Vietnamese publishing company Nhanam and LTI Korea. With around eighty readers and journalists in attendance, the event began with a performance of scenes from The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly given by eighth grade students at Ngo Sy Lien School. The event was compered by Ta Thanh Tan, a lecturer at Hanoi National University of Education, and Hwang Sun-mi was joined by Vietnamese children’s writer Le Phuong Lien.   ▲ Eighth year students from Ngo Sy Lien School performing a scene from The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly   ▲ Author Hwang Sun-mi answering questions from the audience   ▲ Group photo after the event with Nhanam Publishing Company (From left: translator Nguyen Thi Thu Van, author Hwang Sun-mi, author Le Phuong Lien, compere Ta Thanh Tan)   From 9am to 12pm on the 26th November the awards ceremony for the 11th Vietnam Korean Literature Essay Competition, hosted jointly by the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City, and LTI Korea, was held at the Ho Chi Minh City General Sciences Library. Around one hundred people attended the event, including Korean Studies professors and students. There was a performance of traditional Vietnamese music given by one of the Korean Studies students and a group of students also gave a K-pop performance. As the work assigned for the essay competition was The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, the students in attendance were ever more excited to have the opportunity to meet with the author Hwang Sun-mi.   ▲ Author Hwang Sun-mi giving a talk on Korean literature at the 11th Vietnam Korean Literature Essay Contest   ▲ A Korean Studies student performing traditional Vietnamese music to welcome guests to the event   ▲ A performance by Korean Studies students   ▲ Group photograph with the attendees of the prize-giving ceremony for the 11th Vietnam Korean Literature Essay Contest   At 16:00 on the same day a Korean literature event starring Hwang Sun-mi took place in Nguyen Van Binh Bookstreet, Ho Chi Minh City, jointly hosted by Nhanam Publishing Company and LTI Korea. Tuyet Ahn, editor of the Worlds in Book program on channel FBNC was compere for the event, joined by Vietnamese writers Vo Dieu Thanh and Vu Thi Thu Hang. The event began with a cheeky performance of a scene from Hwang Sun-mi’s book The Bad Kid Stickers, and went on to a discussion among the participating writers about such topics as ‘animal worlds in children’s literature’ and ‘what are good ways of telling animal stories to children?’   ▲ Vietnamese students performing The Bad Kid Stickers   ▲ Korean literature event with Nhanam Publishing in Nguyen Van Binh Bookstreet, Ho Chi Minh City (From left: compere Tuyet Ahn, author Hwang Sun-mi, interpreter Pham Giang, authors Vo Dieu Thanh and Vu Thi Thu Hang)   ▲ Book signing after the event   These Korean literature events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were a great opportunity to meet Vietnamese readers and experience first-hand their strong interest in Korean literature including literature for children and young people. It was also a chance to confirm how much interest publishers and academic institutions that offer Korean Studies in Vietnam have in Korean literature and culture. To mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea next year, the LTI Korea is planning to make great efforts to cooperate with Vietnamese organizations and institutions to put on an even more varied and abundant array of Korean literature and cultural exchange events in 2017.
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LTI Korea Holds Overseas Translation Workshop in France
On the 1st and 2nd of December, LTI Korea (President Kim Seong-kon) held a Korean literature translation workshop at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in France. Having begun under the supervision of INALCO in 2014, the French language Korean literature translation workshop is now in its third year. This year the work chosen for translation at the workshop was novelist Yun Ko-eun’s short story ‘Burning Work.’ The eight students participating in the workshop began translating the story back in October, each doing their own translations and meeting for group discussions with the guidance from Jeong Eun-jin, professor of Korean Studies at INALCO. Through this two-day workshop the participants were able to meet and talk with the writer and put the finishing touches to their translations before holding a public reading of their work with the writer. ▲ Group discussion with Yun Ko-eun and students participating in the translation workshop  On the first day of the workshop writer Yun Ko-eun gave a special talk under the title of ‘Speaking My Literature’ where she elaborated on her works, her reasons for writing and the background to her work process, as well as giving a more detailed explanation of ‘Burning Work.’ Through this talk the participating students had an opportunity to better understand the writer and her work, share the impressions and thoughts they had in the reading and translation process with the writer, and ask any questions they had about the work. On the second day of the workshop time was set aside for the participating students to read their translated work in front of a large audience. At the reading which was attended by around 170 undergraduate and master’s students of Korean studies at INALCO, writer Yun Ko-eun also read a section of ‘Burning Work’ in Korean, allowing those in attendance to hear the subtlety reminiscent of a day-dream in the language and rhythm of the original. ▲ A large crowd of students attended the recitation of the translated work given by Yun Ko-eun and the workshop participants   ▲ Writer Yun Ko-eun and translation practice workshop participants reciting their work Through this workshop it was possible to confirm the consistent interest and passion for Korean literature among students in France. In particular, in a university environment where theoretical learning is more prominent, students showed an even greater enthusiasm for practical translation and achieving a completed work. It is hoped that these budding translators will go on to become the driving force behind the development of quality and quantity in the translation and publication of Korean literature in French.    ▲ Writer Yun Ko-eun with the master’s students and Korean Studies professor from INALCO who participated in the Korean literature translation workshop
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신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다


Author 金爱烂 Translator 薛舟
Original Title  비행운[Bihaengun]
Publisher 人民文学出版社

Korean Books