The 2014 London Book Fair Korea Market Focus
The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) held a literary event on Korean literature from April 6th to 11th to celebrate Korea being selected as the London Book Fair Market Focus for 2014.   ▲ A Welcome Reception hosted by British Council   The literary event featured 10 Korean writers: Yi Mun-yol, Hwang Sok-yong, Lee Seung-U, Kyung-sook Shin, Kim Hyesoon, Kim Insuk, Kim Young-ha, Han Kang, Hwang Sun-mi, and Yoon Tae-ho. A total of 20 programs spotlighted Korean literature and writers at the Earls Court exhibition centre, and several different places in Cambridge, London, and Edinburgh.   ▲ A literary event (Yi Mun-yol) at British Library in London   ▲ Literature Seminar (Hwang Sok-yong) at Whitehall Room, Earls Court Exhibition Centre     ▲ Literature Seminar (Kyung-sook Shin / Han Kang) at Whitehall Room, Earls Court Exhibition Centre   ▲ A Literary Salon (Kim Young-ha) at English PEN Salon, Earls Court Exhibition Centre ▲ Literature Seminar (Hwang Sun-mi / Yoon Tae-ho) at the Whitehall Room, Earls Court Exhibition Centre LTI Korea’s exhibition booth in the Market Focus pavilion displayed 109 books published in 22 languages since 2001. Genres included literature, humanities, culture, and children’s books. 196 translated titles by the featured writers were on display in the author lounge.   ▲ LTI Korea's exhibition booth   Established in 1971, the London Book Fair takes place at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, the largest venue in England. It is regarded as a major marketplace for copyrights, and one of the two main fairs in Europe, along with the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.   ▲ Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall meets Hwang Sun-mi at The London Book Fair   ▲ Market Focus country's publication seminar   The 5-day literature event that coincided with the 3-day London Book Fair was attended by a large audience. Locals demonstrated a high interest in Korean literature. It was agreed that the cultivation of competent literary translators is essential for the spread of Korean literature to English speaking countries and the world.   ▲ A literary event (Kim Hyesoon) at the Poetry Liberary in London   ▲ A literary event (Yoon Tae-ho) at Korean Cultural Center in London   ▲ A literary event (Lee Seung-U) at Wales Literature Exchange     ▲ A literary event (Kim Insuk / Han Kang) at Edinburgh Central Library   A Handover Ceremony was held on the last day of the fair. The 2015 Market Focus country is Mexico.   ▲ A Handover Ceremony
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  • ▲ The 2014 London Book Fair Korea Market Focus
Opening Ceremony of the LTI Korea Translation Academy (Special Course, Advanced Course, and Translation Atelier)
On Wednesday April 2nd at 7 pm, the opening ceremony and orientation for the LTI Korea Translation Academy was held in the LTI Korea auditorium. The event was attended by 100 faculty members and students.     The opening ceremony included faculty introduction, applicant selection process and results, course introduction, and announcements. Each language group had the opportunity to meet and discuss the curriculum.   ▲ The faculty members of the LTI Korea Translation Academy   The 7th Special Course will meet 24 times during two semesters from April to December. There are 51 students for seven languages out of 158 applicants. The 6th Advanced Course will meet a total of 16 times over the same period. 21 students from six languages are selected out of 25 applicants.   ▲ The 7the Translation Academy Special Course   ▲ The 6th Translation Academy Advanced Course   The special and advanced courses have collaborative translator/author workshops once a semester. The Advanced Course was expanded from 12 to 16 classes this year.   The 5th Translation Atelier will meet 12 times over two semesters between April and November. Nine new translators were added to the 21 graduates from 2013, for a total of 30 students in seven languages.   ▲ The 5th Translation Atelier   ▲ Orientation for the each language group   The Translation Academy aims to cultivate professional, globally sensible translators who have profound understanding of Korean literature. Previously to the Academy, a Korean Literature Fellowship for Translators was established in 2003, and then the Academy officially launched in its current form in 2008. The LTI Korea Translation Academy offers regular, special, and advanced courses in addition to Translation Atelier.
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  • ▲ Opening Ceremony of the LTI Korea Translation Academy (Special Course, Advanced Course, and Translation Atelier)
  • ▲ LTI Korea Attends the AAS Annual Conference/AAS Book Exhibition
2014 Bologna Children’s Book Fair
From March 24th to 27th, the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) participated in the 51st annual Bologna Children’s Book Fair to promote internationally acknowledged Korean illustrated books.   As this year’s honorary guest, Brazil introduced 55 authors with the theme “Countless Threads, Countless Tales” and more than 30 illustrators attended the book fair and met with audience.    ▲ Guest of Honor Country, Brazil       ▲ Illustrator's Wall in Bologna Children's Book Fair   LTI Korea displayed 18 illustrated books at its “Feeling the Same Way: Playing, Knowing, Feeling, Understanding” showcase, and hosted a “Meeting with Korean Illustrators” which featured international award-winning author-illustrators Kang Gyeongsu and Yoo Jun-jae.   Kang was the recipient of the Bologna Ragazzi award for non-fiction in 2011 with his work The Stories Shouldn’t be True. Yoo’s Animal Farm was recognized at the 15th Noma Concours for Children’s Picture Book Illustrations, organized by the Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU).     Both authors prepared workshops for the audience to engage with their unique illustration styles. Introducing his work The Big Fart, Kang organized a balloon ‘farting contest’ and pop-up card workshop.    ▲ 'Farting Contest' organized by illustrator Kang Gyeongsu Yoo held a silkscreen workshop where participants made notebooks using the method used in his book Inside Mom’s Dreams. The unique illustration styles of both authors caught the attention of many people. ▲ A silkscreen workshop by illustrator Yoo Jun-jae
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  • ▲ LTI Korea Attends 2014 Bologna Children’s Book Fair

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