LTI Korea Takes Regular Course Students out on a Field Trip
  On October 7, first and second-year students of the Regular Course at LTI Korea’s   Translation Academy attended the 2016 World Heritage Experience program organized by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and visited Hwaseong Fortress and Yunggeolleung.     The students dropped by the Suwon Hwaseong Museum to view a special exhibition commemorating the 240th anniversary of King Jeongjo’s accession to the throne and learned about his life and the construction of the Hwaseong Fortress. They then explored the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace and participated in various traditional cultural activities such as food tasting and etiquette training as part of the 53rd Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival.     - The students listening to an explanation of the exhibition at the Suwon Hwaseong Museum   - The students tasting jujube rice gruel   - Group photograph at the entrance to Hwaseong Haenggung Palace     In the afternoon, the students visited the Hwaseong Fortress, which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and explored its main attractions such as the Janganmun Gate, Hwahongmun Gate, and Banghwasuryujeong.   - The students listening to an explanation of the hongyipo cannons     The students then visited the Yunggeolleung royal tomb in Hwaseong city. Yunggeolleung is the collective name for Yungneung, which houses the remains of Crown Prince Sado and Princess Hyegyeong, and Geolleung, which houses King Jeongjo and Queen Hyoui.   - Group photograph at Yungneung
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LTI Korea Holds Opening Ceremony for New Batches
The opening ceremony for the 8th (2nd year) and 9th (1st year) batches of the Regular Course was held at 11 am on September 2 at LTI Korea’s auditorium.   - President Kim Seong-Kon delivering the welcome address   The ceremony started with President Kim’s welcome address, followed by the introduction of the faculty, a roundup of the admission process, and a group photograph session.   The Regular Course is a two-year literary translation program for people interested in translating Korean literature and is run in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian). A total of 54 people applied for the course this year, and after document reviews, translation tests, and interviews, 16 foreign students were granted fellowships. 16 Koreans students applied for the general student category, out of whom 2 were successful. This year’s admissions were especially notable because people from prestigious universities, such as University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of California, Berkeley, University of Oxford, Saint Petersburg State University, University of Málaga, and Free University of Berlin, with backgrounds in fields such as English literature, sociology and architecture applied to the Translation Academy.  This shows that with the rise in Korean literature’s profile, interest in translating it is no longer limited to Korean Studies circles.   - The opening ceremony - Second-year students with the faculty members - First-year students with the faculty members   Once the ceremony was over, the students and the teachers gathered in groups to introduce themselves and discuss the curriculum.   - Students and teachers of the Spanish group - Students and teachers of the German group   Foreigners and Koreans who are interested in translating Korean literature and are fluent in Korean as well as the target language can apply to the Regular Course.   Admissions are opened in April every year. The selection process consists of document review, sample translation submission or written exam, and interview. Each language section is normally composed of 3 foreigners and 3 Koreans. Students who are granted fellowships are given roundtrip airfares, a monthly stipend of 1,600,000 won, medical insurance and visa fee reimbursement, and tuition fee waiver.   The Regular Course is held over two semesters each year: a winter semester (September–December) and a spring semester (March–June). Classes are held for 15 hours a week and include translation classes, as well as classes on Korean literature, culture and language. Apart from this, the Academy organizes a translation workshop, in which the writer of the text being translated in class is invited to participate, as well as literature tours in which the students get to travel with a writer to a place that formed a backdrop to a story or served as an inspiration. The second-year students will attend an advanced Korean literature class, instead of the Korean language class, in which they will read classical texts in addition to modern texts.
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LTI Korea at the Shanghai International Literary Festival & Beijing International Book Fair
LTI Korea attended the Shanghai International Literary Festival, which opened on August 17, and the Beijing International Book Fair from August 24 to 28. The Shanghai International Literary Festival is a literary festival held during the Shanghai International Book Fair, where writers from around the world gather in Shanghai to discuss literature and meet readers. Writers Lee Hye-kyung and Bae Suah, whose novels House on the Road (路上的家) and Sunday Sukiyaki Restaurant (星期天日式火锅餐厅) respectively were recently published by Translation Publishing House (上海译文出版社), attended the festival. LTI Korea held the first event for Lee Hye-kyung at the famous Sinan Mansions on the afternoon of August 20. She held a discussion with China’s reputed critic장리(张莉) on the topic “Women’s Writing in Korea and China.” She talked about the female characters in her novel, about writing, and about the daily life of writers. The audience asked her many questions.   ▲ Lee Hye-kyung’s event: “Women’s Writing in Korea and China” ▲ Lee Hye-kyung’s event: Q&A session ▲ Lee Hye-kyung’s event: Meeting with Readers A book-signing event was held on August 21 at the Shanghai Book Fair Exhibition Centre to commemorate the two writer’s book launches. The venue was thronged by Chinese readers who wanted to have their copies signed and take pictures with the writers. After the book signing got over, Bae Suah took part in a discussion on the topic “Poverty in Fiction” with Chinese writer Ziao bai at the Sinan Mansions.   ▲ Lee Hye-kyung & Bae Suah’s book signing ▲ Audience at the book signing ▲ Meet & Greet ▲ Meet & Greet    ▲ Bae Suah’s event ▲ Bae Suah discussing “Poverty in Fiction” ▲ Q&A session LTI Korea took the writers to attend the Beijing International Book Fair, which opened on August 24. This year, 2,407 publishers and organizations from 86 countries participated at the fair, which was visited by around thirty million people. LTI Korea showcased sixty books that were translated and published with its funding and had meetings with around fifty publishers. The books were donated to Korean Cultural Centre in Beijing after the fair ended.  
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Asia Literary Review : Summer 2016

[English]Asia Literary Review : Summer 2016
Author Bae Su-ah Translator Janet Hong
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Publisher Asia Literary Review

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